Ken Hensley & Our Propaganda

Ken Hensley & Our Propaganda

Ken Hensley kjenner alle fra Uriah Heep. KH var en av grunnlegerne & låtskriverne i dette bandet. På Olsen får vi høre låter fra hele hans utrolige karriere...

FINALLY!!!(This is for everyone, especially my many friends and fans in the UK).
I am coming home and I am coming home to rock!
My last UK show was 2001, so, on April 13th, after 15 long years, I get my chance to totally re-locate, to“The 1865” in Southampton, using only great rock songs and a great young rock band as weapons!!
I received the offer to play this show soon after having to put my Live Fire project on hold, so I started to think about how best to vaporise anyone who had the balls to buy a ticket to this show and I came across Our Propaganda. Great players with great songs of their own and they will be my perfect allies in this attack.
First I looked at them and smiled. They reminded me so much of another 20-year-old with a big dream.
Then I took a listen and knew immediately that I wanted these guys wrapped around my mighty Hammond as we re-generate some of the most powerful and successful rock songs that originally blasted their way into rock consciousness with my band, Uriah Heep, in the ´70s.
Our Propaganda and me will bring these great tunes into the 21st century.



Den 17/03 2017 kl. 22:00


Den 18/03 2017 kl. 02:30

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